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Rationale for Protein Key™

In the wild, humans would consume little carbohydrates other than the glycogen in the tissues of the animals they hunted and scavenged. This genetic design is fixed and absolute, and has not "evolved" in order to prosper on soda pops and Twinkies. A continuous diet of foods we are not designed for creates a metabolic and genetic stress that eventually manifests in a host of degenerative diseases.

Particularly in adult life, various maladies come in groupings, such as dental disease, obesity, infections, digestive problems, poor energy, skin and hair problems, allergies, etc. These groupings of maladies take on many forms (are pleomorphic), and the cause cannot be readily identified (idiopathic). Such decline in health is manifest in many ways and can usually be linked to longstanding improper (genetically inappropriate) nutrition. Early in life, the body can mask these deficiencies due to youthful resilience and reserves. But as time passes and these capabilities wane, vulnerability to ill health manifests. Since the modern refined carbohydrate diet effectively displaces proper protein and micronutrient nutrition, it lies at the root of such adult onset ill health.

It is known that sugars and starch (a polysugar) are prominent causes of dental disease, adult onset diabetes, obesity, premature aging, and susceptibility to virtually all diseases including the leading killers, heart disease and cancer. Carboydrates are an insidious undertow against every effort made to achieve health. Excess carbohydrates interfere with the metabolism of vitamin C, a critical factor to the immune system, numerous biochemical pathways, and the health of blood vessels and connective tissue. When heat processed in commercial foods, starch sugars create organ-toxic, age-accelerating, and carcinogenic compounds such as acrylamides and advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

Protein Key™ meals will help you break from this mold, by reintroducing the body to natural, healthy proteins, lipids, and a rich spectrum of micronutrients. By achieving the diet we are genetically programmed for, much greater health is possible.

Left: Cross section of a starch granule magnified 5000 times. Each layer contains starch molecules that convert to sugar in the body. Such starch granules are found in potatoes, peas, buckwheat, grains, tapioca, and other plants.

Right: A section of an unfolded starch molecule that results when starchy foods are cooked. Notice that the molecule is nothing more than a chain of sugars. High doses of sugars from starches create metabolic havoc and disease.

Protein: This is an example of a complex protein chain as found in Protein Key™. In contrast to starch, which is simply a chain of many sugars, proteins are made up of over 20 amino acids that are critical to body function and structure. They impact immunity, strength, brain function, energy, and the structure of every cell in the body. They also create enzymes, without which life would be impossible.

Amino Acids: Unlike glucose, which only carries energy, the twenty-plus amino acids are essential for myriad metabolic and structural functions, and can be converted to energy as needed.

The food industry is one that is driven by trends. One company develops a slogan and forms a niche, and then other companies develop like products to garner a piece of the pie. The actual health value of the trend is often never actually examined, other than superficially. Health falls secondary to the profit potential. The proof is in nearly every aisle of your local grocery store.

By contrast, the impetus behind Protein Key™ is health, it is not just another me-too product on a bandwagon trend. In fact, Protein Key™ stands fundamentally in opposition to the composite of sugar-starch-additive marketing trends that have accumulated during our modern era.

We at Protein Key™ do no market analyses, rather, we do what is health-right using reason and good science.


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