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Living Life As If Thinking Matters

Living Life As If Thinking Matters
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Living Life Better And Solving Its Dilemmas By Putting Thinking Ahead Of Popular Beliefs. We are born on the starting line of life with blank mental slates. Then each of us has our mind filled in by parents, schools, peers, and experts. The result is a society stuffed with given beliefs, none of which we own, and - as you will learn in this book - most of which are wrong. Although important questions are often debated today, there seem to be no satisfying solutions. Instead, shortsighted agendas prevail, money dictates decisions, and ethics seem a thing of the past. We all sense this misdirection and feel helpless as the world spirals out of control. Since ultimately everything in life happens because of the way we think, the solutions depend on thinking too. That does not mean playing the victim and relying on others but reaching within to see the sense, goodness, and directions that lie there. Dr. Wysong provides not just another opinion or belief; he helps the reader tap into their own unlimited resources, take control, and sort through the nonsense. If you would like to understand life better, be healthier, happier, have meaning, contribute to a better world, and avoid some bumps and bruises along the way, this is your guidebook.


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