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Healthy Eating Ideas

Modern living, individual circumstances, and the taste for sweet formed over a lifetime stands in the way of eating as we should. That's okay. If we keep our sight on the goal of matching food to our genetic design, we can slip here and there. The body is forgiving and health does not require that we follow a precise eating formula, or get every nutrient that exists in the precise dose and in perfect balance at every meal. Here are some ideas to serve as a general guide to help maximize the benefits of Protein Key™.

Early Morning
Drink a quart or two of purified water before eating anything. Squeeze in ½ lemon (citrate in lemons is alkalinizing, so is the malate in apples) or add WellSpring™ to help with combating acidemia. Warm the drink if you would like or if you are cold.

Everyone eating processed foods and drinks is prone to acidemia (high body acid). Acidemia and the free radical pathology it promotes underlie most modern degenerative diseases. Drinking a significant amount of water first thing also helps flush out accumulated overnight toxins, staves off appetite, and burns calories as the body warms it to 98.6 degrees. Increasing water intake will help with virtually any health condition and is a great preventive as well.

Unless engaged in demanding exercise, there should be no true hunger until late morning. Don't eat breakfast out of routine. Again, remember your origins and the fact that we are not designed for limitless food within easy reach. (Children are a different matter in that their needs are greater and must be constantly met to accommodate growth.)

Make it a personal challenge, no matter what you eat, to not get full. This is difficult because the eating switch remains on long after we have had more than we need. We have to consciously make the decision to turn it off. Walk away, brush your teeth, do some enjoyable activity. After the desire to eat subsides (it will), you will have a great sense of satisfaction once you realize you didn't need more food after all.

For the first meal, make a Protein Key™ shake in a blender or just stir in your choice of the following ingredients in a bowl:
  • A cup or so of plain organic yogurt (not the cloyed, fruit on the bottom, or otherwise sweetened varieties).
  • Protein Key™
  • Coconut Blend™ is organic virgin coconut and palm fruit oils. It provides antioxidants, anti-pathogen factors, and concentrated energy without adding body fat, and helps the body relearn how to metabolize fats rather than carbohydrates.
    If desired, blend in one or two raw, organic, free-range eggs.
  • Two or three prunes that have been soaked until soft (just put some in a capped jar, cover with water, and keep in the fridge). Prunes are nutrient and antioxidant dense, have activity against possible food-borne pathogens, and help keep bowels regular.
  • Part of a banana and/or other fruits like dried dates, figs, blueberries, cherries, raw honey, etc. These provide great raw nutrition and the various flavors permit you to make the drink to taste.
    Regular or high protein Un-Cereal™. Rather than blend this, simply sprinkle in for a crunchy texture.
Alternatively or in addition, one-half cup or so of raw nuts and seeds—excellent protein, minerals, and essential fatty acids. These could include macadamia, cashews, Brazils, almonds (with the brown skin peeled off after soaking them in water long enough for it to easily peel away), walnuts and pecans (soaked overnight and drained of the dark colored, bitter, and anti-digestive tannins, and rinsed), sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and coconut meat. Keep the nuts in the freezer (coconut in refrigerator) to help protect their fragile fatty acids. Blend or stir a little. If a few chunks are left, that's good. It will force chewing the shake rather than guzzling it. Chewing slows down eating and increases salivary flow and digestive action. If you wish to thicken, blend in a slice of avocado.

Rotate the ingredients so the Protein Key™ meal is not exactly the same every day. This helps decrease the likelihood of developing food sensitivities. Vary the fruits and try different flavors of Protein Key™ for variety. Make the meal small enough so that it creates comfort but not fullness. Take half of your daily supplements with this meal. Encapsulated supplements that don't taste awful can be opened and sprinkled into the meal before blending/mixing.

This nutritionally dense meal is extremely satisfying and will hold through the entire day until supper. For travel, put it in a capped jar packed with a gel cooler bag. No hunting for a restaurant, no getting desperate and eating junk, and no hunger for the rest of the day.

Through the Day
If truly hungry, snack on fresh fruit and/or fresh coconut, or other tree nuts and seeds. Always ask the question as to whether you have done sufficient activity to justify what you are eating. If not, do some exercise and there is a good chance the desire to eat will subside. There is no crime in being hungry once in a while. It is not a disease needing an ER raid on the refrigerator. As the body adjusts to the new diet, you will also find that food has much more staying power.

If possible, take a little nap around noon. Even fifteen minutes of shut-eye can make a tremendous difference in the rest of the day. Otherwise, you may see your tiredness as a result of not eating, hypoglycemia, or some other food-related cause remedied only by, of course, eating.

Here are some suggestions to give a feel for what you are naturally designed for. Do what you can.

1. Make a fresh salad of your liking. Dress it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil enhanced with rice bran oil and Protein Key™ . Add some seasoning, Wysong Whole Salt™, Garlic Salt™, Cheezyme™ and shredded raw organic cheese. Try different veggies and rotate ingredients. Four to eight ounces of meat with this meal will be sufficient. Lightly broil or grill. If you can do steak tartare, fine; if you can't, high temperature/short time is the best way to cook to preserve nutrition and decrease toxins. Remember, in the wild, as you were designed to live, there is no cooking at all.

2. Next day's dinner could be just a salad with some nuts, vegan style.

3. The next dinner could be just eggs, perhaps as a veggie-filled omelet.

4. Another dinner is nothing except water. (Fasting periodically is one of the healthiest things you can do.)

Supplements are important because we never eat perfectly, many modern foods are nutritionally weak, and modern living creates extraordinary stresses. Supplements are not a very wild thing, but then neither are we being totally wild. Take supplements during meals and swallow with chewed bites of food. Do not take the same supplements without letup. Vary them as you do your meals.

Drink very little or not at all with meals since that shortens chewing time, allows gulping, and dilutes digestive juices. Coffee, booze, and pop do not come along with wild meals.

Have some chocolate or other small dessert. Make ice cream with Protein Key™, eggs, cream, vanilla, fruit, honey, and top with nuts and Un-Cereal™. Experiment making non-cooked pies of fruit with a crushed Un-Cereal™ crust, and a whipped cream top sprinkled with Sweet Sensations™

Evening Snack
Take a heaping teaspoon with some yogurt or just let it dissolve in the mouth prior to retiring.
If you are really hungry and did something during the day to warrant more food, here are some choices:
  • Air popped popcorn topped with Extra Virgin Olive Oil enhanced with rice bran oil and seasoning, Wysong Whole Salt™, Garlic Salt™, and Cheezyme™
  • Natural peanut butter as a dip for carrots and celery sticks
  • Raw nuts and dried fruits as in a trail mix
  • Fresh coconut
  • Fresh fruit
  • Raw organic cheese
  • Dips made with blended Protein Key™ , organic cream cheese, fresh peppers, Garlic Salt™, Whole Salt™, lemon and lime juice, cashews, tomatoes, avocados, or whatever—have fun. Yes, you can cheat with some whole grain, organic corn or potato chips to deliver this wondrous concoction. No hydrogenated oils, though.
Or some of the Protein Key™ meal left over from the morning.

Again, don't get full and don't eat out of bottomless bags. Set out a reasonable amount before beginning and let that be it regardless of how good it all tastes and how "on" the eating switch is.

Skip a Day
Don't eat for a day every now and then. Just drink the water. Not eating is one of the healthiest things to do! Decreasing food intake is the only consistent variable scientists have found that can extend life.

If you do less physical activity on any particular day, eat less. Think in terms of ‘deserve.' Do more, eat more. Do less, eat less. It means getting the mind engaged and using discipline.

If there is a problem with parts of this regimen, or a problem digesting certain components, that's okay. Just use this as a model along with the principle of converting the diet to its most natural form.

There is no hard and fast rule other than to break from convention and eat as if thinking matters.

Protein Key™ is part of a lifestyle program designed to enhance health. Humans are an inextricable part of nature and should think and behave accordingly. The closer we can bring our life into accord with our natural genetic expectation--as outlined in the above graphic--the better the opportunity for health and healing. Moving the diet away from the predominant carbohydrate fare common today to one emphasizing proteins, fats, vegetables, fruits, and alkaline water is essential for the expression of genetics that maximize health.


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