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Protein Key™ is Green & Economical

In dry concentrated form, Protein Key™ offers many advantages over ready-to-serve drinks:
  1. It avoids additives necessary to make a liquid product shelf stable and safe for consumption.
  2. It avoids the potential of various chemicals in plastic bottles leaching into liquid drinks.
  3. Far less packaging is required for Protein Key™ because of the elimination of water. (Liquid drinks are often 85% water.)
  4. Less energy is used to transport Protein Key™ because of the elimination of heavy water from the product.
  5. It is far more costly to produce, ship, and store packaged drinks than concentrated powders that permit consumers to add liquid at home.
Dry concentrated Protein Key™ permits a safer, purer, less environmentally demanding, and more economical product than prepared liquid drinks. Yes, a prepared liquid drink may be more convenient, but the trade-off in safety, nutrition, and environmental toll makes Protein Key™ a safer and wiser choice.

Although prepared liquid protein drinks are convenient, there are many downsides. Not only must they contain questionable additives to make them shelf stable in their wet form, they are not as environmentally sensitive or economical as Protein Key™. Since prepared protein drinks contain about 85% water, compared to less than 3% in Protein Key™, it would take 28 tanker trucks to transport protein drinks to equal one truck transporting Protein Key™. Since part of the cost of a product is the water it contains, it would cost 28 times more for the prepared drink water than for Protein Key™. In terms of packaging waste, one bottle of Protein Key™ (which is recyclable) is equal to ten bottles of a prepared drink.


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