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Protein Key™ FAQ

1. How frequently should I have a Protein Key™ meal?
For metabolic reasons, ideally it would be your first meal in the morning, or a component of that meal. For those engaged in heavy activity, or in a muscle building program, take a Protein Key™ meal immediately before and following such activity. Use smaller amounts as a snack through the day and before retiring at night. It can also serve as a meal replacement at any time!

2. I don't understand the difference between the formulas. The ingredient lists and nutrition facts look the same or similar.
Each formula, other than the Vegan Protein Key™ formulation, is a very similar basic composition. It is the relative proportion of ingredients and nutraceuticals that have been adjusted to target the indication.

3. I have a health condition there does not seem to be a formula for. Would Protein Key™  still be beneficial, and if so which one should I use?
Since Protein Key™ is all natural and designed to maximize nutrition, yes, it would always be an excellent addition to your diet. Consider the Optimal Nutrition Protein Key™ formulation as a starting point.

4. I am trying to lose weight. How does adding Coconut Blend™, which is all fat, help?
By reducing or eliminating sugars and starches (effectively the same thing as sugar), and substituting proteins and fats, your metabolism will shift to burning fats, including those stored in your tissues. Instead of your body holding on to its stored fat and waiting for your next meal of sugar and starches to obtain energy, it will dip into those unwanted pounds you have.

5. I notice little bits in the Protein Key™ shake that I make. What are those and should I be concerned?
They are the natural whole food ingredients that have not been finely ground. Grinding intensely generates heat which can alter and destroy important nutrients and make them more vulnerable to degradation by light and air. Your body will break down these little chunks during digestion, releasing the bounty of nutrition they contain. If you have to chew a little that is good. That in itself helps improve the digestive process.

6. Can I add sugar to make my Protein Key™ shake sweeter?
It is best not to since eliminating sugars is one of the objectives of Protein Key™. Try the different flavors and see if one of them more suits your taste. Also, give it some time and try to focus on some of the natural,  full body flavors that come out if you chew the shake a little. With time you will lose your taste for sweet and come to re-experience nature. If you still desire a more sweet taste, add chunks of, or blend in fruits such as bananas, figs, and dates. If you would like a sweetener, consider Wysong Natural Honey™.

7. I don't understand why I should take supplements along with the shake. Why don't you just add these to the product?
Most of our supplements are concentrated extracts. As such they do not taste very good and would ruin the taste of Protein Key™. It is not essential that they be taken, but they will greatly improve the results.

8. What is the purpose of Vegan?
This product is formulated using no animal derived ingredients in order to meet the needs of vegans who seek more protein in their diet. Since vegans often consume an abundance of starches, supplementing high quality protein is very important. Vegan is also an excellent alternative meal to any of the other formulations.

9. Can this product be used as the only food in the diet?
Although Protein Key™ is more nutritious than about any other single food that could be eaten, it is never advisable to eat only one thing. Rotation and variety are very important in decreasing the chances of intolerances, sensitivities, or toxicities developing.

10. Will Protein Key™ help in any way with bowel irregularity?
That depends upon what the rest of your diet is. As you shift to more natural foods combined with Protein Key™, and away from starches and sugars, digestive function will most certainly improve. For additional help, be sure to use WellSpring™ with plenty of water through the day. Blending fibrous foods like two to three prunes into the shake will also help.

11. Do I need to worry about getting too much protein?
Other than in end stage renal disease, no. Humans are designed to consume primarily protein, fat, vegetables, and fruits. The idea that protein causes kidney disease has been proven incorrect by modern research.

12. Why do you recommend that the shakes be combined with milks or yogurt?
It is not necessary but does increase the body and nutrient density of the drink. It will help hold you longer if you are active. Good choices are organic milk (raw, if available), yogurt, kefir, soy, coconut, and other nut milks.

13. The product does not match up to the calories my dietician says I should be consuming. What do I do about that?
Current science conflicts with the age-old idea that counting calories is a good measure of nutrition. Rather, it is the form that the calories are in that is most important in impacting health, weight, and energy. Calories from starches and sugars - even if the target number is correct - disrupt metabolism as well as increase vulnerability to diabetes and a host of other diseases, and cause obesity. On the other hand, calories from protein and fats enhance health and move the body to its natural lean weight set point. The bottom line is you can forget about counting calories if you are using Protein Key™ lean protein supplements and eating as nature intended.

14. I am on a low cholesterol diet and wonder about the cholesterol in this product. Should I?
The amount of cholesterol in Protein Key™, especially when balanced against your total daily diet, is insignificant. That said, it is our contention that worry about dietary cholesterol is based upon a myth, namely, that cholesterol causes heart disease. Natural cholesterol, as found in natural foods, does not, and could not be the cause of heart disease. For one, if we do not consume cholesterol our bodies will make it. Cholesterol is the starting material for life's essential hormones and serves many other vital functions. Secondly, cholesterol has been a part of human and animal diets from the beginning of time, long before heart disease appeared on the scene as the number one killer. The cause of heart disease is modern foods laden with starches, sugars, and cooked oxidized ingredients, not cholesterol. Please read Believe The Cholesterol Myth To Your Perilfor an eye opening look at how cholesterol is actually an essential key to health.

15. I might be lactose intolerant, will Protein Key™ be a problem for me?
Dairy is present but it is low in lactose. Additionally, probiotics and enzymes in the product help with the digestion of lactose. Nevertheless, you should slowly introduce Protein Key™ to give your body a chance to adjust or signal to you if there is intolerance.

16. I have many allergies, including to peanuts, do you think there would be a problem with Protein Key™
Peanuts are not present in the product nor are they processed in our manufacturing facility. Protein Key™ is a complex and concentrated product with many natural ingredients. It is not possible to predict how any individual will react in terms of allergies and intolerances. You should slowly introduce Protein Key™, or any new food, to give your body a chance to adjust or signal to you if there is intolerance.


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