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How To Choose a Protein Powder

Many are convinced of the merits of protein supplementation, but face the question: how do I choose the best protein powder? (If you do not understand why protein is important and still require convincing, visit the Protein Key™ Scientific Confirmation section.)

There are hundreds of options. Many protein powders have merit, but most also have nutritional and health pitfalls. (For more information on common negative protein powder characteristics, see "What's in your protein shake?")

The first step in choosing a protein powder is deciding the source of protein. Some of the many choices are:
  • Whey protein isolate
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Soy protein
  • Vegan/vegetarian proteins (as found in Protein Key™ Vegan)
  • Beef protein
  • Egg protein
  • Milk protein
  • ...and more
Despite the negatives some might associate with any one of the options listed above, all could be consumed as part of a healthful protein supplementation regimen. All protein sources have nutritional value, so the protein source choice becomes largely personal, or dictated by taste, or digestibility.

For example, some work to limit soy intake, and so soy protein might be excluded. Others might disqualify beef protein on the basis of taste, or source/supply questions. Many struggle with digestion of whey protein concentrate, and therefore exclude that option, and so on.

Here at Protein Key™, whey protein isolate and whole milk protein serve as the foundation for most of our formulas. These are scientifically proven protein powder options, with clear and irrefutable nutritional merit. The blend of the two protein options provides an unmatched spectrum of amino acids, and both fast and slow release proteins. This means the formulas deliver immediately available proteins for pre- or post-exercise, as well as slow digesting proteins that keep the body fueled over time. Our proprietary protein blend is easily tolerated and digested and also staves off hunger and unwanted weight gain. This permits Protein Key™ to serve as a true meal replacement.

So once you've settled on a source, or sources of protein for your protein powder, the next step should be an evaluation of the protein powder from a holistic health perspective.

Most protein powders get caught up in a "numbers game." Specifically, the higher the number of grams of protein, the purportedly better the product. So if one protein delivers 30 g of protein, another that delivers 35 g is "better." This is a misguided approach to protein powders. A healthy protein powder should be more than just a big number.

Often times the big protein numbers conceal the truth about a product, which is that it's both wasteful and not particularly healthy. Why is 40, 50, 60 g of protein good if:
  1. Each massive serving is not actually being fully digested?
  2. The protein is laced with unhealthy and harmful protein powder additives?
  3. The protein powder does not deliver important, health augmenting nutrients? Protein Key™ Nutrient Spectrum Chart here
The protein powder "numbers game" only benefits the companies who participate and profit, not the consumer. Don't be fooled. Be sure to look beyond/behind the grams of protein!

Protein Key™ offers a novel, health-oriented approach to protein supplementation. Protein powders must go beyond just grams of protein per serving, and must contribute positively to long term health. Yes, protein in and of itself is valuable, but why stop there?

A protein powder should serve as vehicle for delivering important, health-enhancing micronutrients. To that end, Protein Key™ delivers some 672 nutrients in every serving. (See the full Protein Key™ Nutrient Spectrum Chart here.)

Moreover, Protein Key™ is not laden with weight gaining/health robbing sugars and contains no artificial anything – none of the artificial and potentially harmful additives that are nearly ubiquitous in the protein powder industry.

If you have further questions about how to choose a protein powder that creates health, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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